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Dear Heavy Metal Hunters!

This ist not a commercial website! I have been collecting Heavy Metal records since the very early 80s and over the years I have aquired a lot of doubles/spare copies! I would like to trade (or sell) those to interested fans. This is just a small selection from a list of over 2,300 titles. Apart from vinyl records, I can also offer all kinds of Heavy Metal-related memorabilia: rare CDs, books, T-Shirts, magazines etc. If you want to obtain the entire list, please send an e-mail to mader@HMjewels.de

I would also like to see your wants/trade lists, I am always looking for obscure N.W.O.B.H.M. releases to enlarge my private collection!

Happy Hunting, Matthias Mader

E-Mail: mader@hmjewels.de

Fax: 0049/30/687 39 48


List Excerpt


AIIZ »The Witch of Berkeley«  LP, this occult live-album should be in every N.W.O.B.H.M. collection

A LITTLE BIT OF LIGHT RELIEF V.A. LP, great headbanger photoc pic, '82, with AIIZ, Samson...

A WEEK AT THE BRIDGE E16 V.A. Do-LP, brilliant compi with Remus Down Boulevard, pre-Maiden

BERLIN RITZ  »Crazy Nights«  7", private N.W.O.B.H.M. gem, Big Muff '80, with insert, never in p/s

BLEAKHOUSE »Lions in Winter«  7", four fantastic compositions sounding like Legend, p/s + inserts

BLITZKRIEG »Buried alive« 7", one of the cornerstones of the whole genre, mint copy with rare p/s

CRACKED MIRROR »Same« LP, ultimate private N.W.O.B.H.M. pressing, only 200 copies ever made

DEF LEPPARD  »Getcha Rocks off«  7", legendary Bludgeon Riffola debut 7", yellow label, never in p/s

DESOLATION ANGELS  »While the Flame still burms« Pic-LP, early '90's demo, fantastic sound

DESOLATION ANGELS  »Fury«  Pic-LP, even better 6-track-demo called «Fury«, 250 copies pressed

EZY MEAT »Not for Wimps«  LP, incredibly rare NWoBHM private pressing from N. Ireland, 1984

EZY MEAT »Rock your Brains« LP, their 2nd album, mint copy incl. rare lyric sheet, great lp

FIRST OFFENCE  »Same«  LP, highly dynamic post-N.W.O.B.H.M. on Metalother, unplayed copy

FLIGHT 77  »Looking for the Aliens«  7", ultra-rare private N.W.O.B.H.M. from Cornwall, 1982, with p/s

FRENZY »Without you«  7", ultra-rare private N.W.O.B.H.M., their 3rd and last single, never in p/s

GOLDSMITH  »Life is killing me«  7", Shiva meets Legend, Bedlam '82, with copy of rare p/s

HOLOCAUST  »HM Mania«  12" EP, one of the N.W.O.B.H.M. cornerstones, great "eagle" cover

IRON MAIDEN  »The Number of the Bus« LP, '79 live-recording with T. Parsons on guitar, super rare

IRON MAIDEN  »Assesinos« LP, original Spanish edition of »Killers«, incl. "Hot Metal" sticker on cover

IRON MAIDEN  »Live+One«  LP, ultra-rare original Greek version with 9 tracks and different back cover

IRON MAIDEN  »El Numeria de la Bestia« LP, Spanish EMI-Odeon 1982 first pressing with lyrics

IRON MAIDEN  »Bloc Busters! - Maiden head East...« 7", rarest ever Maiden bootleg single, 3 songs

IRON MAIDEN  »The first ten Years« 10x12"EP-Box, the EP's are unplayed, the box itself is vg-

IRON MAIDEN  »Beast & Pieces«  Do-LP, incl. exclusive live-takes with Paul Di'Anno, great gatefold

IRON MAIDEN  »Brave New World Tour«  Do-LP, very professional live-bootleg, Stockholm 27.06.00

IRON MAIDEN/V.A. »Metalurgy«  3-LP-Box, rough live-bootleg with Maiden et al from '81, very rare

JOHN MIZAROLLI »A Message from the 5th Stone« 7", rare 2nd album by N.W.O.B.H.M. act Jody St.

JOHN SYKES »Please don't leave me«  7", legendary single with Phil Lynott, rare p/s, MCA 1982

LEGEND (Jersey)  »Limited Edition 4 Track EP«  Mini-LP, another little N.W.O.B.H.M. masterpiece

MAKING WAVES Various Artists  LP, Girlfriend Rec., first unreleased recording by Rock Goddess

MOBY DICK  »Can't have my Body tonight«  7", one of the best singles on Ebony (5), '82, never in p/s

MONEY  »Fast World«  7", post-LP, Hobo '80, B-Side is 9:12 min, slight ringwear on front cover

OMEGA  »The Prophet« LP, proggy N.W.O.B.H.M. gem, official re-release on Metal Legions, sealed

PALI GAP »Under the Sun«  7", spectacular Angel Witch-like prime time N.W.O.B.H.M., never in p/s

PREDATOR »Don't stop« 7", CTM Records, 1,000 copies pressed, with original p/s and proper labels

QUARTZ »Against all Odds« Pic-LP, rare picture disc edition on HM Records, last album of Quartz

RAW DEAL »Lone Wolf«  7", one of the rarer releases on Neat, Neat 12 from 1981, with p/s

ROCK MEETS METAL VOL.1 V.A. LP, really rare late Ebony N.W.O.B.H.M. compilation, great find

SACRED ALIEN »Spiritual Planet« 7", highly-original N.W.O.B.H.M. space sound, with p/s, great one

SATAN  »Blitzkrieg in Holland« Do-LP, live'83, only 150 copies on red vinyl, sold for 100 EUR on e-bay

SAXON  »The Eagle has landed«  Pic-LP, superb picture edition of this all-time live-classic, Carrere

SEVENTH SON  »Man in the Street« 7", 1st pressing with diff. back sleeve pic, only 50 copies made

SEVENTH SON  »Metal to the Moon« 7", their 2nd single, a lot like early Saxon, exclellent sleeve

SEVENTH SON  »Northern Boots«  7", from 1987, Rising Son Records

SEVENTH SON  »Factory Girls« 7", pretty rare private single on R. Son, their last 7", great cover pic

SEVENTH SON  »What more do you want?«  12" EP, 4 unreleased tracks, R. Son, private, NWoBHM

SHADER »Bad News Blues« 7",  Boogie-based private N.W.O.B.H.M. gem from '81, , signed p/s sheet

SINNER »Need your Love« 7", rather obscure N.W.O.B.H.M., private pressing, with p/s, very scarce

SIREN  »Deceiving Lies«  7", private Rock/N.W.O.B.H.M. single from 1984, girl singer, Distant Cousin

SOLDIER  »Infantrycide«  LP, great '82 demo tape plus 7" single, rare green vinyl copy, Brazil

SPARTA »Angel of Death« 7",  second release on their own Suspect Records label, wraparaound p/s

SPEED  »Man in the Street« 7", Bruce Dickinson singing, ultra-rare private pressing from '80, with p/s

STATIC »Voice on the Line«  7", private N.W.O.B.H.M., never in p/s, later became White Lightning

TANK »Filth Hounds of Hades« LP,  UK Kamaflage 1st pressing, red&blue cover, incl. free 7" single

TORA TORA  »Red Sun setting« 7", nice mid-tempo N.W.O.B.H.M. from Manchester, with p/s

TORN IN TWO  V.A.  LP, ultra-rare compi on Torment Rec. with unreleased Seventh Son "Stage crazy"

UK »Same« LP,  M. Fitz of The Businress + Mark Brabbs of Tank, N.W.O.B.H.M. meets Rose Tattoo

VENOM  »Black Metal« LP, original embossed cover, copy of poster+lyric sheet, tiny writing on sleeve

VENOM  »Acid Queen«  Picture 7", Megaforce "Immortals of Metal #1", only 1,000 pressed, ultra-rare

VENOM  »Warhead« 12" EP, blue vinyl Neat, probably the rarest ever Venom record of all time

VENOM  »Buried alive«  LP, their 2nd ever bootleg, great cover, o.k. sound, very rare, aaargh

VENOM  »Way of the Tiger«  Do-LP, the 3rd of the early Venom bootlegs, nice cover, '85 H. Odeon

VENOM  »Live and Lound«  Do-LP, haven^t seen this boot before, Giger-like cover, spelled "Venem"

VENOM  »Here lies Venom« 4-LP-Box, legendary mint box with four records incl. rare pic-lp, # 0883

VENOM  »Bursting out«  7" Flexi, ultra-rare green flexi version, originally free with French Enfer mag

VENOM  »Radio Hell«  7", rare bootleg single with BBC Radio sessions, 4 songs

VENOM  »Live Eindhoven Holland«  Do-LP, recent bootleg from Brazil, really cool artwork

WITCHFINDER GENERAL »Death Penalty« LP,  blue vinyl, rarest of all Witchfinder General releases

WITCHFINDER GENERAL »Music« 7",  rare limited edition on silver vinyl, HM Records HMPD 21


British Heavy Metal & Hardrock:

BLACK SABBATH  »Rat Salad« LP, live-recording Berlin 26.06.70 FU, Audimax, incl. "War Pigs", mint

BLACK SABBATH  »Live Paris 20.12.70« LP, very early live-recording, Ozzy totally out of it

BLACK SABBATH  »Sabbath bloody Sabbath« LP, Italian WWA 1st pressing in rare gf, blackened label

BLACK SABBATH  » Bloody Sabbath« LP, Hartforrd US Tour 1980, radio show quality, with Dio

BLACK SABBATH  »Death Riders « LP, Dio-period lioe-bootleg from the 1980 US tour, rare red vinyl

BLACK SABBATH  »Headless Cross « LP, grreat late '80's album with Tony Martin on vocals, dark stuff

BLACK SABBATH  »Tyr « Pic-LP, German Intercord, only a couple of 1,000 made of this picture edition

BLACK SABBATH  » A black Show« LP, live-recording from '83 with Ian Gillan, unbearable sound

CATHEDRAL  »Ride through the Decay«  LP, 1992 German bootleg from the English Doom gods

COLOSSEUM II »Electric Sun« LP, scarce '70's Hardrock with Gary Moore and Don Airey

COLOSSEUM II »Wardance« LP, follow-up album from 1977, superb guitar work, collector's item

DIO  »San José 1983« LP, exceptional live-recording, absolutely professional sound quality

DIO  »Ronnie James Dio Live« LP, radio show live-recording Spokane '84, excellent sound, # 56 of 200

DIO  »Captured« LP, live Santa Monica, radio show quality, incl. "Shame on the Night" , 100 copies only

DIO  »One Night in Birmingham« LP, Birmingham Odeon 19.9.1984, great cover, with "Heaven & Hell"

DIO  »Sacred Heart« LP,  still o.k. but not a real classic in Dio terms

ELF  »Same«  LP, Ronnie James Dio's debut from 1972, with Dave Feinstein of the Rods, great voice

ELF  »Carolina County Ball«  LP, 2nd album from 1974, Sahara Records, , incl. "L.A. 59", great

GRAND SLAM »Live Document«  LP, ''84 radio show of Phil Lynott & L. Archer of L'Autrec, grey vinyl

JUDAS PRIEST »Rocka Rolla«  LP, original UK first pressing on Gull Records, pretty hippiesque...

JUDAS PRIEST »Tristes Alas del Desino«  LP, ultra-rare Spanish '76 press of »Sad Wings...«, gatefold

JUDAS PRIEST »Killing Machine«  LP, seldomly seen red vinyl pressing on CBS UK

JUDAS PRIEST »Metal Works 1973-93«  LP, ultra-rare promo-only "Best of" on grey vinyl, Colombia

MAGNUM »On a Storyteller's Night« Pic-LP, superb Rodney Matthews drawing on this picture album

MARILLION  »Script for a Jester's Tear«  Pic-LP, perfect condition, impossible to find these days

MARILLION  »Punch and Judy«  Pic-12" EP, picture editio of this very early 12" EP on EMI

MARILLION  »Fugazi«  LP, very much sounding like Peter Gabriel-period Genesis, a great album

MARILLION  »Live«  LP, proefessional sounding live broadcast from Germany '83, multicoloured vinyl

MOTÖRHEAD  »Motörhead« 7", re-release of the 1st single, Big Beat NS 13, rare pink vinyl edition

MOTÖRHEAD  »Lochem Pop '80« 12" EP, German-only release with great alternative sleeve, rare

MOTÖRHEAD  »Bomber«  LP, original UK pressing from 1979 on blue vinyl, limited edition

MOTÖRHEAD  »Motörheadbanger Special« LP, rare Motörhead bootleg, recorded '81 "Monsters of Rock"

MOTÖRHEAD  »The complete Motörhead Kit«  12" EP + Booklet, Canada-only, sticker+poster missing

MOTÖRHEAD  »Beware the Dog«  LP, great sounding '82 live-recording with B. Robertson, Taurus

MOTÖRHEAD  »No Remorse«  Do-LP, great "Best of" compi in immensly rare de luxe real leather pack

MOTÖRHEAD  »Orgasmatron« Pic-LP, extremely great looking picture edition of this classic platter

MOTÖRHEAD  »Killed by Death« Shape, brilliant shape from 1984, Bronze Records, hard to get

MOTÖRHEAD  »Live 1983« Pic-LP, Castle Communications 1991, gig from '83 with Brian Robertson

MOTÖRHEAD  »Cat Scratch Fever« 12" EP, promo-only EP on Epic, company sleeve, 3 songs

MOTÖRHEAD  »Hellraiser« 12" EP, promo-only EP on Epic, company sleeve, incl. promo sheet

MOTÖRHEAD  »Cat Scratch Fever« 12" EP, promo-only EP on Epic, company sleeve, 3 songs

MOTÖRHEAD  »What's Words worth?« LP, live Roundhouse 1978, with alternative band picture cover

MOTÖRHEAD  »Ace of Spades« 7",  rare vinyl version of the disco re-mix on WGAF, 1993, never in p/s

MOTÖRHEAD/GIRLSCHOOL »St. Valentines Day Massacre«  Do-LP, rare Japanese '81 live-boot

MSG  »Tokyo Face«  Do-LP, fantastic bootleg recording from Tokyo, soundboard quality, early '80's

OZZY OSBOURNE  »Mr. Crowley - Live«  12" Pic EP, rare pic EP with p/s, Jet Records 1982, great

PARADISE LOST  »Lost Paradise» Pic-LP, their very Death Metal-like debut, rare picture disc

PARADISE LOST  »Gothic» Pic-LP, they will never write a better album than this, picture disc

PARADISE LOST  »Draconian Times» Do-LP, pretty hard to get on vinyl, unplayed copy

RAINBOW  »Live at Budo Kan« Do-LP, Tokyo recording from '82, professional sound quality, a classic

SKID ROW »34 Hours« LP,  second albu,m original pressing in rare gatefold sleeve, ace guitar work

SNOWY WHITE  »Peace on Earth«  12" EP, 15 minutes of music, two non-album songs, great guitars

THIN LIZZY »Same« LP, original 1971 Decca UK pressing, very hard to get, their debut album

THIN LIZZY »Shades of a Blue Orphanage« LP, original 1972 Decca UK pressing in gatefold

TIGER  »Same« LP, phenomenal Hardrock from later Samson singer Nicky Moore, small drillhole, US

WHITESNAKE »BBC Transcription Series« LP, great '79 Reading live-recording, very bluesy indeed


Scandinavian Metal:

ARTILLERY »By Inheritance« LP, great Danish '80's Thrash, Roadrunner pressing, with lyrics

CAPITAL CRIME  »Talk about Love« 7", great private 7" from Finland, like early Hanoi Rocks

CRYSTAL PRIDE  »Sharon«  7", bloody rare 3-track single from '82, P.O.P. Records, great girl singer

HEAVY LOAD »Death or Glory« LP+7", incl. free "Take me away" single, with rare lyrics inner sleeve

HEXENHAUS  »The Edge of Eternity«  LP, technocratic Scandi Meal with Mike Wead of Candlemass

KIMMO KUUSNIEMI BAND »Moottorilinnut« LP, ataually the 3rd Sarcofagus lp, from Finland, '82

KING DIAMOND »The Family Ghost« 12" EP, hard to get these days, nice 12" EP, US pressing

KING DIAMOND »Fatal Portrait«  Pic-LP, # 185 of only 200, unofficial picture edition, looks superb

KING DIAMOND »Decade of Horror« 4-Pic-LP-Box, only 1,000 made by Massacre Records, great item

LEVICTUS »I shall conquer«  LP, great Swedish Babarian HM, US Shadow Records pressing, 1985

LEZLIE PAICE »Fighting Man« 7", Pang Records '83, reminds me a lot of mid-paced Heavy Load, p/s

MERCY  »Black Magic« LP, bona fide Swedish Doom Metal, vinyl version only released in Romania

MERCY  »Victory March« LP, unreleased '87 album, Stormbringer Prod., limited to 500 copies, sold out

MERCY  »Victory March« LP, Stormbringer Prod.,# 87 of 500, only a handful on red vinyl

MERCY  »Black Death« Pic 12", limited to 333 copies, with Messiah Marcolin singing, Stormbringer

MERCYFUL FATE  »A Corpse without Soul« Mini-LP, well-done bootleg on limited green vinyl

MERCYFUL FATE  »Live from the Depth of Hell« Pic-LP, extremely scarce picture disc of the bootleg

MERCYFUL FATE  »Return of the Vampire« LP,  RR not even pressed 1,000 vinyl copies of this one

MERCYFUL FATE  »Walking back to Hell«  LP, rare live bootleg with fantastic early b/w band pictures

NEMESIS  »The Day of Retribution«  LP, the greatest Doom album in history, original Fingerprint press

NEON ROSE  »Reload«  LP, possibly the 1st Swedish HM band in history, '75 Vertigo, like Thin Lizzy

OVERDRIVE  »Reflexions«  Mini-LP, the rarest ever HM record from Sweden, private, 500 copies only

OVERDRIVE  »Metal Attack«  LP, legendary Swedish HM, Janne Stark, Planet Records, great stuff

OVERDRIVE  »Same«  Pic-7", two great songs from 1980, Stormbringer Productions 2002, 500 copies

OZ »The Oz« LP, original pressing of the 1st album, Kräk Records, lyrics+promo sheet, diff. cover

OZ »HM Heroes«  LP, great trad Metal from Finland, as early as 1982, Wave Records 8005, a milestone

OZ »III Warning«  LP, great thrashing third album, European RCA prressing, incl. "Total Metal"

PRETTY MAIDS »Same« Mini-LP, CBS re-pressing of the first mini-album with different cover

PRETTY MAIDS »Queen of the Night« LP,  live London 1983, Royal Standard, super sexy cover

PRINCE SCANDAL »Nothing's sacred» LP, puple vinyl, Danish Midas Records, symphonic Hardrock

PROUD »Fire breaks the Dawn« LP, excellent Scandinavian HM, Swedish EMI 1984, great one, Vg/M

RELEASE  »A Requiem for the World« LP, ultra-rare private pressing from Denmark, signed copy, 1984

WAI DEE ZAI  »Same«  Mini-LP, ultra-rare '89 Danish private pressing, Rose Tattoo meets early ZZ Top

WITCHCROSS »Are you there?« 7", Jamara Records 1983, nice p/s, lyric sheet, B-Side "No Angel"

WITCHCROSS »Fit for Fight«  LP, legendary Scandinavian HM, great fantasy cover, Roadrunner

WIZZ »Crazy Games«  LP, outstanding Scandinavian HM on collectable Fingerprint Records, rare

YNGWIE J. MALMSTEEN  »I see the Light tonight« LP, cool live gig Toronto 23/9/1985, rare one

YNGWIE J. MALMSTEEN  »As above so below« Do-LP, Tokyo 24/1/1985, full concert, great sound

ZERO NINE  »Blank Verse« LP, fbreathtaking Finish HM, produced by Ian Gillan, Web Records 001


Western European Metal:

AFTER ALL  »Mercury rising«  LP, great Belgian HM, #291 of 500 only, TPL Records, rare clear vinyl, gf

AFTER ALL/DOUBLE DIAMOND »Split«  LP, private Belgian HM assault, 2002, new, # 144 of 500

IMPACT »The Flag« LP, highly simplistic but highly effective 2nd album of those Dutch HM masters

KILLER (Bel) »Ready for Hell« LP, razor-sharp HM from the Belgian band, classic stuff, Mausoleum

METAL CLOGS  V.A.  LP, legendary Rave-On 001 with Impact, Frankenstein, Gilgamesj, Crossfire

PICTURE  »Unemlpoyed«  7", rare Backdoor single with edited version of title track (2:34), with p/s

PICTURE  »Eternal Dark«  LP, great Dutch Metal, their third effort, original Backdoor pressing

PICTURE  »Fantasies« 12" EP, very rare Dutch only 3-track-EP incl. new version of "Bombers"

SATAN JOKERS »Trop fou pour toi«  LP, very good French HM, Phonogram 1984

SHAKIN' STREET »Vampire Rock« LP, one of the first ever French HM bands, female fronted, CBS

SHAKIN' STREET »Same« LP, their second album, incl. Ross the Boss of Manowar, CBS

SORTILÈGE  »Métamorphose«  LP, rare French-speaking version on SPV, '84, with lyrics, cover only g-

STEEL AGAINST STEEL  »From Factory to History« LP, fantastic '80's Dutch HM, with lyrics, priavte

STREAM »Same« LP+7", rare ADN Music 001 + promo 7", French '80's HM like melodic Pretty Maids

VANDALE  »Stale verhale« LP, private HM from the Netherlands, '82, singing in Dutch, ultra-rare piece

VITRIOL  »The Beginning« LP, '85 French HM on Enfer Records, incl. rare lyric sheet

VORTEX »The Mill« Pic-10", cultish HM from Holland, comeback record, unplayed copy

VORTEX »Metal Bats« Pic-LP, current official re-release, Dutch HM classic, great picture album

VULCAIN  »La Dame de Fer«  LP, their 2nd album, Motörhead in French, Devil's Records, unplayed


Southern European Metal:

BARON ROJO »Al Rojo vivo« Do-LP, incl. all their hits, Spanish HM maestros, Mausoleum pressing

BARON ROJO »Tierra de Nadie«  LP, their rarest album, Chapa '87, Spain-only, great cover, lyrics

BITCH  »First Bite«  7", Swiss/English early '80's HM band, Rutland Records, great single

BITCH  »Some like it hard« LP, after Krokus they were the 2nd biggest HM band in Switzerland

BLACK ANGELS »Kickdown« LP, very cool '80's Heavy Metal from Switzerland, humorous cover

CANCER ROOM  »Same«  LP, Spanish private pressing, rocky HM, The Cult meets Angel City

CELTIC FROST/V.A.  »Sounds Waves 1«  7", song "Visual Aggression" free with Sounds mag, p/s

DE-KALLE »Las Dos Caras De la Moneda« LP, prime Spanish HM, private press with lyric sheet

ESTIGA »Insubmission« LP, very comptetent '80's Thrash from Bilbao, Spanish lyrics, with lyric sheet

E TU VIVRAI NEL TERRORE  V.A.  3-LP-Box+Book, grreat Horror tribute with Death SS, Northwinds etc

INCINERATOR »Uh!?!«  LP, pretty raw Italian Bay Area-like '80'sThrash, Sonic Attack Rec., red vinyl

KILLER (Swi) »Midnight Highway Rider« 7", rare single outtake on German Bellaphon, great p/s

KROKUS »Same« LP, original '75 private release on Schmontz Records, once-in-a-lifetime find

KROKUS »Painkiller« LP, original Swiss Phonogram pressing from '78, small tear on back cover

KROKUS »Pay it in Metal«  LP, original Swiss Mercury pressing with "industrial factory" cover

KROKUS »Pay it in Metal«  LP, German pressing from 1978, great Hardrock, with Marc Storace

KROKUS »Metal Rendezvous« LP, the finest example of bluesy HM since AC/DC, with Marc Storace

KROKUS »Tokyo Nights« 7", two unreleased live tracks on the flipside

KROKUS »Live and loud«  LP, nice sounding '82 live-recording from Milano, great cover, all hits

KROKUS »Turn the Power up«  LP, superb US live-bootleg from '84, radio show quality

LANCELOT »Una Solucion« 7", great melodic HM from Spain, ultra-rare 7" on Virgin, promo with p/s

M.A.C.E. »State of Excitement«  LP, rough Speed Metal from Italy, LM Records 1989, with lyrics, cover g

METAL MASTER Various Artists  Pic-LP, rare Italian Thrash compi with Bulldozer, Death SS, Schizo

MOON »Por que os...«  7", superb N.W.O.B.H.M. inspired Metal from Spain, never did anything else

MORTICIAN  »No War«  12" EP, breathtaking Power Metal from Austria, Autark 1987, lyric sheet

OBSCURE »In Vietnam« 7", new Greek band from Cyprus, sounding very much like early Sepultura

OBUS »El que mas« LP, Mausoleum pressing, great traditional HM with Spanish lyrics

OBUS »Poderoso como el Trueno«  LP, Spain's second-best after Baron Rojo, Mausoleum pressing

OBUS »Poderoso como el Trueno«  LP, their rarest and best-ever album, Chapa Discos pressing

PANZER »Al Pie del Canon« LP, Spain's 2nd best after Baron Rojo, Chapa Discos pressing

ROYAL AIR FORCE  »Same«  LP, sought-after Italian '80's HM, great sound, Axe Killer, unplayed

SEGURIDAD SOCIAL »Introglicerina« LP, the Spanish Trust, rocky HM with punkish undertones

TEGEN HEART  »Noise Underground« Mini-LP, cultish Italian HM on private label, very rare, TH 101

TRAFALGAR  »La Maquina«  7", great N.W.O.B.H.M. sound from Spain, 1980, Chapa Discos, with p/s

VICE HUMAN »Same« LP,  mega rare '84 private pressing from Athens, brilliant traditional HM songs


Eastern European Metal:

ARAKAIN  »Thrash the Trash«  LP, very decent Thrash Metal from Prague, small price tag tear on cover

ASSESOR  »Invaze«  LP, brutal Death Thrash from the Czech Republic, 1990, Globus International

AUGUST »Demon«  LP, excellent HM from Russia

BLACK COFFEE »Step over the Threshold«  LP, debut album of this good Russian band

CITRON »Full of Energy« LP,  original Cze Supraphon pressing, rare, classic HM like Priest

DINAMIT  »Same«  LP, great early '80's Hardrock from Hungary, very rare, nearly as good as Rainbow

E.S.T. »Hpoba Hepa«  LP, original Russian pressing from 1991, Motörhead-like Speed Metal

EXTRA BAND »Galaxie« 7", spacey Hardrock, Czech's answer to Hawkwind and IQ, 1986R

KABAT  »Mà ji Motorovou« LP,  Czech version of Motörhead, impromptu H. Beasts cover artwork...

KERN »... od Narozeni«  LP, traditional HM from the Czech Republic, good musicians, Supraphon '90

MASTER'S HAMMER  »Klavierstück« 7",  pioneer Czech Death Metal, grey marbled vinyl

METALINDA »Same« LP, traditional HM, one of the best bands in the former Eastern bloc, great singer

MOTORBAND »Made in Germany«  LP, popular Czech Speed Metal, sounding like Running Wild

ROCKMAPA VOL.2   V.A.  LP, great Czech compi with unreleased Kabat, Merlin, Taxi, Detto et al

SKRAMASAX  »Dark Powers« LP,  classic Speed Metal with high-pitched vocs, Eastern Europe's best

TITANIC  »Metal Celebration« LP,  one of the best Czech HM albums of all time, very Maidenesque

TUBLATANKA »Zerave Znamenie Osudu«  LP, great HM from the Czech Republic, 1988, Opus

TURBO  »Ostatni Wojownik«  LP, original Polish pressing of »The last Warrior«, rare and better

VITACIT »Vzhuru pres ocean«  LP, this is great HM from the Czech Republic, NWoBHM-influenced

VITACIT »Já chci se Ptát«  7, very hard to get 7" single on Panton, 1989, gatefold sleeve, two songs


German Metal:

ATTACK »Destinies of War« LP,  great German HM with Viking cover artwork, great stuff indeed, 1989

AVENGER  »Prayers of Steel«  LP, pre-Rage Peavy Wagner, speedy HM, Brazilian pressing, quite rare

BALLANTINEZ  »Charged« Mini-LP, very early Noise Records, solid '80's traditional HM from Berlin

BÖSES AUS DEM BUNKER   Split-7", great German HM from Dragon Flight + Carpe Diem, private '92

BREAK OUT  V.A.  LP, rare German Hardrock compi on Rockport: U. Forces, Booster, Prisoner, 1988

CACUMEN  »Same«  LP, pre-Bonfire, rare as gold dust, Rockport '81, with lyrics, German HM milestone

CALDERONE  »Same«  Mini-LP, Parallel Lines, technical Speed 'n' Thrash from Berlin, 1988

DEBÜT NO.1 Various Artists  LP, the pinncale for Running Wild fans, gatefold, 2 extra label stickers

DEEP THROAT  »-The Devil in Miss Jones«  LP, bonafide private German HM from '82, Ohrwurm

DICK & ALEX REALITÄT »-Schweine in weißen Westen« LP, Alex Parche in '80, incl. poster and info

DR. KOCH VENTILATOR  »Same« LP,  very unusal Hardrock/New Wave style, totally unique

DR. KOCH VENTILATOR  »Torso in Aspik« LP,  2nd album from 1981, German lyrics again,cult stuff

EXPLODER »Pictures of Reality...« LP, private pressing from Bremen, Germany, only 500 pressed

FLANEZ »Fast Foodt« Mini-LP, ultra-rare German private pressing, melodic HM, restored tear on cover

G'LOYD »Without Guns and Glory« LP, fantastic German HM with Southern Rock leanings, Autark '86

KREATOR  »Out of the Dark« Mini- LP, original German pressing signed by all four members, unique

KREATOR  »Coma of Souls« LP, US version on Epic, rare purple vinyl

KREATOR  »Rehearsal 16.10.84«  7" Single,  #159 of only 200 copies, greath Thrash document, with p/s

LOOSE TRIGGER  »At the Rhythmgun«  7", private single, Berlin-based Pirate Metal Rock, rare, p/s

MAJESTY  »Crusaders of the Crown«  12" EP, private, 1,000 copies only, clear vinyl, like Pretty Maids

OVERDOSE »To the Top« LP, Top 5 German Metal rarity, private pressing, 1985, near mint condition

SCARECROW  »Condemned to...« LP,  private German Thrash with HC edge, lyrics + press info sheet

SODOM  »In the Sign of Evil« Mini-LP, German Thrash classic, Devil's Game/SPV, with lyrics

SODOM  »Obsessed by Cruelty« LP, German Thrash pioneers, raw as hell, early and rare SPV, lyrics

SODOM  »Persecution Mania« Pic-LP, really hard to find picture disc edition

SP »Science Project«  Mini-LP, traditional HM gem on tiny Off Limit label, blue vinyl, inlet with lyrics

SPEEDY »Much too young to Rock'n Roll«  LP, clear vinyl, poster + press folder, youthfull German HM

SPEEDY »Much too young to Rock'n Roll«  7", rare one, Rocktopus 1981, with p/s, before 1st album

SPRAWL »Victims of Science« Mini-LP, undiscovered private pressing from Northern Germany, Speed

SQUEALER »Human Traces« LP,  private German Metal juwel from 1989, incl. lyrics

STREETFIGHTER  »Feel the Noise«  LP, ten times rarer than the 2nd lp, biography folder, Up Records

STREETFIGHTER  »Shoot you down!« LP, highly original German '80's HM, rare Venus Records

SUDDEN DEATH »All or Nothing« LP, powerful HM from Berlin, original 1987 1st private pressing

TRANCE »A hard Way to go« 7", a once in a lifetime find, micro circulation, extremely rare, with p/s

TUSK »Don't know nothing« 7", German private pressing, very obscure, B-Side "Road to Hell"

VICIOUS CIRCLE »Take it« 12" EP,  very early Noise release from 1984, unplayed, great German HM

VIVA »What the Hell is going on!« LP, incl. Barbara Schenker, excellent German HM, their 2nd

VIVA »Dealers of the Night« LP, one of the '80's most original HM albums from Germany, great artwork

VIVA »Apocalypse« LP, their last longplayer, not as good as their first three but still o.k.

WARLOCK  »Triumph & Agony« Pic-Do-LP, very limited: gatefold with picture + normal vinyl edition

WARRANT  »The Enforcer«  LP, cultish Speed Metal from Dusseldorf, early Noise Records, incl. lyrics


US Metal:

ANVIL  »Forged in Fire« Flexi-7", free with Kerrang! # 43 from 1983, very hard to get...

AUGUST REDMOON »Fools are never alone« Mini-LP, absolutely superb US Metal, Metalworks 1982

BLESSED DEATH  »Kill or be killed« LP,  legendary Thrash album, RR issue with lyrics, great band

BORN TO METALIZE Various Artists  LP, early Megaforce compi with The Beast, Hades, cover vg+

BROCAS HELM  »Into Battle« LP, very unusal US Metal, a bit like Manilla Road, German SPV pressing

BROCAS HELM  »Black Death« Pic-LP, official release on Doomed Planet, only 500, already sold out

CARNIVORE  »Retaliation« LP, Petrus Steele's second attack, German Roadrunner with rare lyrics

CHARACTER  »Same«  Mini-LP, very guitar-heavy and raucous US Metal, private Crank Records, '84

EXCITER  »Devil's Soul«  LP, superb live-recording from Stuttgart, 8.3.84, great photo cover

EXODUS »Hard Core Metal«  LP, great 1984 live-recording with loads of unreleased songs, Paul Baloff

EXODUS »Bonded by Blood«  LP, rare MFN re-release with two live bonus tracks and lyrics

EXODUS »Pleasures of the Flesh« LP,  Speed Metal meisterwerk on MFN, with lyrics

EXXPLORER  »Symphonies of Steel« LP, technical US Metal on Metal Blade, great fantasy artwork

EXXPLORER  »Symphonies of Steel« LP, Black Dragon pressing with lyrics, Larnoy fantasy cover art

FATES WARNING »Night on Bröcken« LP, rare Roadrunner first pressing with "witch" cover, brilliant

FATES WARNING »Night on Bröcken« LP, M. Blade, lyrics, no drillhole, altern. "burning witch" cover

FLOTSAM AND JETSAM »Flots till Death« LP, breathtaking live-recording with Jason from 1986

FULL MOON  »Same«  LP, epic US Hardrock on Monster Records, sealed, out of print

HAWAII »Loud, wild and heavy« Mini-LP, as good as Aloha and Vixen, Cavern Prod. '84, private press

HOLY ORDER »Hateful Rage« Mini-LP, technical '80's Speed/Thrash from Canada, Underground Rec.

INCUBUS  »Sperpent Temptation« LP, UK Metalworks edition with lyric sheet, always in demand

INFERNAL MAJESTY »None shall defy«  LP, Roadrunner, lyric sheet, ex/vg

KISS »Paris Rock City«  LP, fantastic 1976 live recording, simple b/w picture sleeve, great sound

KISS »The Evolution of Kiss«  LP, Brazilian bootleg with early demo outtakes, great sound quality

KISS »The Originals«  3-LP's, ultra-rare Japanese edition with OBI and two bookltets, great packaging

KISS »Radioactivo+3«  7", Mexican-only 7", one song from each solo albums, 1979, with rare p/s

KISS »Ego's at Stake« LP,  Wembley live '80, ultra-rare bootleg, great crowd, blue copy cover

KNIGHTMARE »Mindless Mayhem«  LP, mid '80's no-compromise Speed 'n' Thrash from the States

LEGACY »San Francisco turns to Auschwitz« LP, pre-Testament '86 live-recording withZetro Souza

LEGEND »From the Fjords«  LP, re-issue of this US Metal classic, # 258 of 500, US import

LESTER MADDOX  »Burning the World - Live«  LP, undiscovered 2nd album from '88, DRD US press

MANILLA ROAD »Mark of the Beast«  Do-LP, bloody rare copy on white transparent vinyl, very limited

METALLICA  »No Life till Power«  Pic-LP, first two demos on picture disc, great sexy artwork

METALLICA  »Kill 'em all«  Pic-LP, legendary picture disc issue of this classic on UK MFN label

METALLICA  »Teutonicus Furor«  LP, great live-recording from London '88, only songs of first two lp's

METALLICA  »Disposible Heroes« LP, Loreley live '85, only 100 made on red vinyl, very rare piece

METALLICA  »Master of Puppets« Pic-LP, original MFN first pressing without bar code

METALLICA  »The Good, the Bad & the Live«  6x12" EP Box, legendary EP box, ages out of print

METALLICA  »Until it sleeps« 10" EP, very limited edition on red vinyl

METAL MARATHON Various Artists  LP, really cool Karaokee HM from AC/DC to Slayer, BMG '89

MÖTLEY CRÜE  »Too fast for Love« LP, what a find, original '81 Leathür pressing with lyric sheet

MÖTLEY CRÜE »Theatre of Pain Tour« Do-LP, radio broadcast quality, great cover, live Offenbach '86

OMEN »Battle Cry« LP, brillant Metal Blade first pressing in rare gatefold sleeve, ex+/ex+ condition

OVERKILL »Evil never dies« Flexi-7", free with Kerrang! # 309, unreleasaed live-version 27.1.90, Ritz

OVERLORD »Broken Toys«  Mini-LP,  ultra-rare US private pressing from '82, with inlet, Sad City Rec.

POSSESSED  »Fallen Angles« 7", 4 songs in rough rehearsal versions from November '84, great p/s

POSSESSED  »Seven Churches«  LP, the mother of all US Death/Black Metal albums, with lyrics

POSSESSED  »Beyond the Gates«  LP, great fold-out gimmick cover, Under One Flag, UK pressing

POWERMAD »The Madness beginns«  Mini-LP, very energetic yet melodic US Metal, Reprise

QUEENSRYCHE  »Same«  Mini-LP, original 206 Records, legendary, minimal & restored tear on cover

QUEENSRYCHE  »Screaming for Freedom« LP, professionally looking and sounding Taurus bootleg

QUEENSRYCHE  »The Return of the Empire Vol.II« LP, live Ludwigsburg 1990, great sound

QUIET RIOT »II« LP, ultra-rare '70's record with Randy Rhoads on guitar, CBS Japan 1978, no cut-out

RIPPER »And the Dead shall rise«  LP, re--release on Black Widow, only a few dozens on yellow vinyl

ROCKUS »Rack 'em up«  LP, '86 private pressing from Canada, melodic but still heavy, good singing

SAINT VITUS »The walking Dead« 12" EP, original SST pressing, first releaase from 1985, huge

SAINT VITUS »Hallow's Victim« LP, a true Doom classic, SST Records, 1985, lyrics + merch. sheet

SAINT VITUS »Born too late« Mini-LP, original SST pressing, ultra-rare, 6 songs, 1986

SAINT VITUS »Thirsty and miserable« 12" EP, original SST pressing, three songs, 1987, Doom gods

SAINT VITUS »Mournful Cries« LP, vintage Wino, SST Records, 1988, incl. lyric sheet, great cover

SAINT VITUS »Live« LP, great live album out on Berlin-based Hellhound label, lim. edition blue vinyl

S.A. SLAYER »Prepare to die« Pic-LP, unofficial picture edition of this US Metal jewel, limited pressing

SAVAGE THRUST  »Eat 'em raw« LP,  brilliant US Speed/Thrash, Mexico-only pressing, sealed

SAVATAGE »Sirens« LP, ultra-rare PAR Records with original cover, condition a least ex+/ex+

SLAYER »The first Command«  LP, rare red vinyl, unreleased tracks sounding N.W.O.B.H.M.-like

SLAYER »The first Command«  Pic-LP, absolutely brilliant sound, only 99 picture copies made, all sold

SLAYER »Interview«  Pic-LP, limited edition interview picture disc, made in the UK

SLAYER »Selected & Exhumed« Promo-Tape, Advance Tape of »Undisputed Attitude«, false title

TESTAMENT  »Greenhouse Effect« Flexi-7", free with Kerrang! # 279, unreleasaed live-version, NY Ritz

VENGEANCE RISING »Once dead«  LP, strangely overlooked Thrash gem, sounding like early Razor

VILLAIN »Time will tell« LP, Cult Metal Classics, #531 of 700, unplayed, lyric sheet., sold out already

VIRGIN STEELE  »Same«  LP, first-ever release on UK label Music for Nations (MFN1), from '83

VIRGIN STEELE  »A Cry in the Night«  12", could sell this one by the truckload, MFN 1983, rare EP

VIRGIN STEELE  »Noble Savage«  LP, very hard to get SPV vinyl 1st pressing with lyrics, a milestone


Australian Metal:

AC/DC  »High Voltage«  LP, original Australian pressing with different sleeve, Albert Productions

AC/DC  »High Voltage«  LP, 1976 UK pressing with different tracklisting and cool comic sleeve

AC/DC  »Californian Devils« LP,  great '78 live-recording from Fresno, green vinyl, getting hard to find

AC/DC  »Can I sit on your Face...« LP, great improvised versions with Bon, simple b/w picture sleeve

AC/DC  »Rock'n' Roll Damnation« 7",  1978 original pressing without p/s, writing on label, rare one

AC/DC  »Highway to Hell« LP, rare East German AMIGA press with diff. cover and orig. press clippings

AC/DC  »Highway to Hell« LP, orange vinyl, ultra-rare German-only pressing, might be your last chance

AC/DC  »Highway to Hell« 7", pretty rare 7" single from 1979, Atlantic UK, great p/s

AC/DC  »Rock'n'Roll Dmnation«  7", rare 1978 German pressing with unique p/s

AC/DC  »Touch too much«  7", two unreleased live-versions on the B-Side, Atlantic UK, great p/s

AC/DC  »Rock'n' Roll Damnation« 7",  1980 re-pressing on Atlantic with rare p/s, hard to get

AC/DC  »High Voltage« 7",  1980 Atlantic HM series 1, rare UK-only issue

AC/DC  »Dirty Deeds« 7", 1980 Atlantic HM series 2, rare UK-only issue

AC/DC  »It's a long Way to the Top« 7",  1980 Atlantic HM series 3, rare UK-only issue

AC/DC  »Whole lotta Rosie« 7", 1980 Atlantic HM series 4, rare UK-only issue

AC/DC  »Let's get it up« 7", unreleased live-version of "Back in Black" on the B-Side

AC/DC  »For those about to rock« LP, Spanis Atlantic, gf, alternative black cover with golden cannon

AC/DC  »Are you ready?«  12" EP, great 12" EP in gatefold sleeve, numbered UK pressing no.05082

AC/DC  »Made in Germany« LP, clear vinyl, great live-recording from Cologne 1991, superb sound

AC/DC  »Let it boogie« LP, green vinyl, different live-takes, recorded between 1981 and 1985, great

ANGEL CITY »Face to Face« LP, original Aussie Albert press '78 with gatfeold and diff. tracklisting

ANGRY ANDERSON »Calling«  7", save the whales single on UK Food for Thought label, rare

BON SCOTT WITH THE VALENTINES  »The early Years« LP, rare UK curiosity for AC/DC lunatics

BOOGIE, BALLS & BLUES  V.A.. LP, Aus-only with unreleased AC/DC & Rose Tattoo live, Raven '87

MORTAL SIN »Mayhemic Dstruction«  LP, UK Vertigo pressing, great Speed Metal with cool cover

ROSE TATTOO  »Rock 'n' Roll Outlaws« LP, UK Carrere pressing with different front and back sleeve

ROSE TATTOO  »Rock 'n' Roll Outlaw«  7", UK Carrere pressing, great live picture sleeve

ROSE TATTOO  »Rock 'n' Roll Outlaw«  7", French pressing with different p/s and B-Side, rare

ROSE TATTOO  »Assault & Battery« Do-7", UK Carrere pressing, great collector's item indeed

ROSE TATTOO  »It's gonna work itself out«  7", UK Carrere, unreleased B-Side "Fighting Sons"

ROSE TATTOO  »It's gonna work itself out«  Pic 7", UK Carrere, picture disc edition, seldomly seen

ROSE TATTOO  »Angry Metal« Do-LP, the first two albums rrepressed on German Repertoire label

ROSE TATTOO  »Falling« 7", original Australian Mushroom pressing, never in p/s, 1987

ROSE TATTOO  »All the Lessons« LP, '81 Reading live-recording from the soundboard, white vinyl


Death/Black Metal & Grindcore:

BAPHOMET »Boiled in Blood«  7", pre-Peaceville privte US release, like Obituary meets N. Death

BATHORY  »Same«  LP, original Black Mark 2nd pressing of the debut lp, "white goat", more affordable!

BATHORY  »The Return...« LP, original Black Mark 1st pressing incl. rare lyrics inner sleeve, hard to get

BATHORY  »Under the Sign of...«  LP, UK Under One Flag pressing with lyrics inner sleeve

BATHORY  »Destroyer of Worlds« LP, brand new unplayed 2001 album on Black Mark, incl. lyrics

BATHORY  »Die in Fire« Pic-LP, old demos, made in Brazil, unofficial issue, only 300 copies pressed

BLOODFEAST »Face Fate« Pic-12", Death Gore legend, really cool picture, extremely limited press

BOLT THROWER »In Battle there is no Law« LP, the birth of a legend, original Vinyl Solution, debut

CANNIBAL CORPSE  »Butchered at Birth«  LP, incl. banned inner sleeve, rare one

CANNIBAL CORPSE  »Eaten back to Life« LP, what a gross cover, original MFN pressing, lyrics

CANNIBAL CORPSE  »Hammer smashed Face« Mini-LP, uncensored "hammered skull" cover

CELTIC FROST »Emperor's Return«  Pic-LP, mint copy with Noise picture sleeve, great drawing

CELTIC FROST »A Night in the Dark« LP, legendary live-recording from Hamburg, 1986, incl. "Circle..."

CENOTAPH   »The eternal Disgrace« 7", Satanic Death Metal from the US, blood red vinyl

CRADLE OF FILTH  »Dusk... and her Embrace« LP, '96 MFN lp with rare poster, Black Horror Metal

DARK TRANQULITY »A Moonlight Refelction« 7", '92 Swedish Black Metal, 500 copies only, original

DEAD »Slaves to abysmal Perversity« 7", cult German Grindcore, red vinyl

DEATH  »Early Demos« LP, Chuck (R.I.P.) invented this whole genre, a must for all fans, tough material

DEATH  »Leprosy« Pic-LP, what a great record, what a great Repka cover, rare one on MFN

DECOMPOSED »Hope finally died...« LP, very early Candlelight Records 003, high in demand

EMPEROR  »Anthems of the Welkin at Dusk« LP, masters of the Scandinavian Black Arts, unplayed

EMPEROR  »IX Equilibrium« LP,Candlelight Records 1999, great gatefold sleeve, rare vinyl copy

ENSLAVED/NECROMANCE  Split-7", raw Death Metal on Morbid Records (001)

ENSLAVED »Monumension« LP, Osmose, unplayed copy, great cover art, Black Metal from Norway

FEAR OF GOD  »As Statutes fell«  LP, maybe the most extreme Grindcore album of all time, gf, rarity

FEAR OF GOD  »Pneumatic Slaughter« 7", German Grindcore legend, long before BloodR

IN THE WOODS »Let there be more Light«  7", unique experimental Doom/Death from Kristiansand

MONSTROSITY  »Burden of Evil« 7",  very brutal Florida Death Metal, Relapse Records 011

MONSTROSITY  »Imperial Doom« LP, legendary Jim Morris production, top Death Metal, N. Blast 055

MORBID ANGEL »Altars of Madness«  LP, Earache, Mosh 11, lyrics and merchandise sheet

MORBID ANGEL »Domination« LP,  Earache, Mosh 134, first copy I have seen on green vinyl

MORBID SAINT »Spectrum of Death«  LP, US band pressed in Mexico, like early Kreator, sealed

MORTIFICATION  »Lost momentary Affliction« LP, rare N. Blast vinyl edition from '93, white vinyl

MY DYING BRIDE »Symphonaire Infernus...«  12" EP, rare two track EP, superb Doom Death

NAPALM DEATH »Same« 7", Rise Above Records 001, clear vinyl, only 2,500 copies pressed, live

NAPALM DEATH »Suffer the Children«  LP+7", a bit more on the Metal side but still very gross+ ticket

NAPALM DEATH »Death in Vietnam« LP, great 1989 live-recording, Germany, rare blue vinyl issue

NAPALM DEATH »Extremity retains«  LP,1990 live-recording, Germany, limited circulation

NAPALM DEATH »Grindcrusher Tour«  LP,another great live gig, very cool sound, intense shit

NAPALM DEATH »Christening the Blind«  Pic-LP, German live-recording, ultra-rare picture disc issue

NAPALM DEATH »Greed Killing«  10", 7 new tracks, great collector's item, Earache

NECRONY  »Mucu-Purulent Miscarriage« 7", Swedish Grindcore, 1st pressingl of 1.000, orange vinyl

NECROPHAGIA  »Season of the Dead«  LP, US Gore classic on New Renaissance, with lyrics

SAMAEL »Blood Ritual« Pic-LP, 1992 Century Media limited edition picture disc, 11 tracks

SINISTER »Diabaolical Summoning«  LP, N. Blast vinyl edition from '93, red vinyl, only 1,000 made

TIAMAT »A Winter Shadow« 7",  their first offering under the new name, 1991, post-Treblinka, priavte


Music Books:

A-Z OF BLACK METAL Book, from Witchfinder General to Mayhem, 2,000+ bands, full discographies

A-Z OF DEATH METAL Book, from Impaled Nazarene to Obituary, 2,000+ bands, full discographies

A-Z OF DOOM, GOTHIC & STONER ROCK  Book, wow, Garry's ultimate work, a must for all HM fans

A-Z OF '80's ROCK  Book, new by Garry Sharpe-Young, lots of very obscure N.W.O.B.H.M. entries

A-Z OF POWER METAL Book, Rob Halford on the cover, covering all continents, lots of new infos

A-Z OF THRASH METAL  Book+CD, Garry Sharpe-Young again, from Metallica to Slayer and beyond

BLACK SABBATH - NEVER SAY DIE! Book, new by Garry Sharpe-Young, great biography post-Ozzy

GOLDMINE HEAVY METAL PRICE GUIDE Book, M. Popoff, raris from US, UK and Europe with prices

HM MADE IN GERMANY Book, over 200 bands on 224 glossy pages, incl. Top 100 rarities

HEAVY METAL Book, hardcover large-scale book on the history of the genre, lots of full-colour pics

HEAVY METAL AUS OSTEUROPA  Book, revised edition published by Iron Pages, lots of photos, '03

HEAVY METAL THUNDER Book, by Philip Bashe, 200+ pages HM history, Omnibus '86, long deleted

IRON MAIDEN »Photoportrait«  Book, old and new pics with lyrics, limited print run, 26 pages 4c

IRON MAIDEN »Made in Italy«  Book, Italian rarities discography, full-colour, 32 pages, limited edition

IRON MAIDEN »Burning Ambition« Book, Iron Pages, with bootleg reviews, interviews, pics, German

KISS »Alive forever« Book, each and every concert they ever did, full-colour glossy pics, gossip etc.

KISS »Collectors Guide«  Book, English language, each and every Kiss release, thousands of covers

KISS »Behind the Mask« Book, English, first-ever official autobiography by all four members, hardcover

KISS »Behind the Mask« Book, extremely rare pre-release copy with different cover artwork and pics

LEMMY »In his own Words« Book, lots of UK interviews with Lem, brilliant exclusive photo material

MOTÖRHEAD »Over the Top« Book, Iron Pages, with bootleg reviews, interviews, pics, German, 2004

NEW YORK CITY  HARDCORE  Book, I.P. encyclopedia from A. Front to Warzone, 160 pages

N.W.O.B.H.M. ENCYCLOPEDIA  Book, 800 pages, UK issue, I.P., 533 bands, 200+ pics, out now

OI! THE BOOK VOL.1 Book,  encylopedia of  UK Oi!-bands, incl. 4-Skins, Business and Rejects etc

OZZY Book, English, by Garry Sharpe-Young, Rockdetector series, new biography of Mr. Osbourne

PAUL DI'ANNO »The Beast« Book, English, hardcover, brilliant autobiography of the only Maiden singer

ROCK LEXIKON Book, German pioneer rock A-Z from '73, with Atomic Roster, B. Sabbath, L. Zeppelin

SOUND OF THE BEAST Book, great HM genre history from the N.W.O.B.H.M. till today, Ian Christie

SWEDISH HM ENCYCLOPEDIA PT.2 Book, by J, Stark, hardcover, free CD, diff. bands than in Pt.1

THE BEST OF METAL  Book, by Paul Elliot & Jon Hotten, CD tips, small format, well written

THIS IS BOSTON NOT NEW YORK  Book, Iron Pages Boston HC book, Matthias Mader, 176 pages

THE ROCK YEARBOOK 1981 Book, incl. long article on the N.W.O.B.H.M., with Maiden, Motörhead...

THE TOP 500 HM SONGS OF ALL TIME Book,  by Martin Popoff, nearly 500 pages thick, enjoyable

UP YOURS!  Book, 500 glossy pages A 4, UK '80'sPunk/Oi! guide with full discogarphies and biogs

US METAL VOL.1 Book,  the first in the Iron Pages series, a classic, sold 2,000 copies worldwide

US METAL VOL.2 Book,  224 glossy pages, incl. rarities like Militia, Villain, B. Knight plus lots more

US METAL VOL.3 Book,  208 glossy pages, big names like Exciter plus loads of obscurities again

VERTEUFELTER HEAVY METAL Book, what's banned, what's censored in HM, German language



DEATH SS »Same« size XL, very noble looking black shirt with yellow logo embroidered on one sleeve 

DEMON  »Taking the World by Storm« size L, slightly worn, great shirt sold on their 1990 tour

EZY MEAT »Rock your Brains out« size M, early '80's original, not worn at all, what a find, great

GASKIN »Stand or fall«  great shirt from the great new album, size XL, new, not worn at al

IRON MAIDEN  »Killers« size L, from the 1997 official collection, great colours, unworn

IRON MAIDEN  »Purgatory« size L, original '81 shirt, worn, sleeveless, Priest iron-on on back

IRON MAIDEN  »Eddie rules o.k.«  size XL, slightly faded black shirt from the '80's, with backprint

IRON MAIDEN  »A real Live Tour«  size XL, almost new, great German tour shirt with backprint

OI!  size L or XL, not worn, new, great British Oi! T-Shirt in Union Jack design, looks really cool

PENTAGRAM  »Sub-Basement« size XL, great black shirt with silver logo and pentagram, backprint, new 

ROSE TATTOO  »Same«  size L, not worn, white logo plus red rose, official quality shirt

ROSE TATTOO  »Aussie Rock'n'Roll«  size L, not worn, red logo plus two snakes, official quality shirt

SAVATAGE »Germany Tour '86« size L, slighlty faded, with backprint + remnants of autographs

SEVENTH SON  »Dangerous Kiss«  size L, new T-Shirt for their comeback CD on Iron Pages, great

SEVENTH SON  »Dangerous Kiss«  size L, limited edition Sweat Shirt with rare backprint, new

VENGEANCE  »Arabia«  size XL, worn, great  Dutch band, great promo shirt


This is the grading system I am using

(the condition of the cover is noted first, followed by the condition of the record):

m = mint (unplayed)

ex = excellent (next to new)

vg = very good (played a couple of times but still fine)

g = good (traces of intensive playing)

f = fair (multiple scratches, possibly jumps)

p = poor (unplayable)

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